DIG Rajendra Basnet

(17 February 2020-Till Date)

APF Command and Staff College

Message from the Commandant

I am honoured to serve as the Commandant of APF Command and Staff College. It is now our responsibility to maintain the institutional momentum to sustain motto of APF Peace, Security and Commitment and continue to improve only academic institution in Armed Police Force, Nepal.


This college offers students the opportunity to gain specialized understanding of the multidimensional aspects of international and national security, including: Internal security, International security issues, Border security, revenue, custom and industrial security, VVIP and Vital installation security. Disaster management, conventional security, international relation, Human security and human rights. The expertise security studies in theory and policy can help prepare students for not only in security fields also in academic research, government policy and management fields among many others.


Our endeavour is to strike a balance between theoretical and behavioral knowledge and an internationally acceptable defense, diplomacy and security education to achieve slogan of knowledge, courage, dedication, karma, honour and valour. At this college we impart education and knowledge that is based on conscience with self confidence, motivation, patriotism and ready to take up challenges secure nation and serve people.


We would be delighted to welcome all the students, academician, researcher and those who are in pursuit of knowledge to our website. We want to assure our continuous commitment towards quality and excellence in education to make the learning at APF Command and Staff College.


Rajendra Basnet

Deputy Inspector General of APF, Nepal


Former Commandants

DIG Prabin Kumar Shrestha

(03 September 2019-17 February 2020)

APF Command and Staff College

DIG Raju Ram Suwal

(28 June 2019-03 September 2019)

APF Command and Staff College

DIG Chandra Prakash Gautam

(12 November 2018-28 June 2019)

APF Command and Staff College

SSP Kishor Pradhan

(16 July 2018-12 November 2018)

(Acting Commandant)

SSP Ganesh Thada Magar

(05 May 2018-16 July 2018)

(Acting Commandant)

DIG Mandip Shrestha

(16 February 2018-05 May 2018)

APF Command and Staff College

DIG Rajesh Shrestha

(17 May 2017-15 February 2018)

APF Command and Staff College

DIG Ram Sharan Paudel

(21 August 2016-20 May 2017)

APF Command and Staff College

DIG Puspa Ram K.C.

(12 April 2015-16 August 2016)

APF Command and Staff College


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