About the College

                                   APF Command and Staff College has a motto of:
                                                                 "Lead to Enlighten"

APF Command and Staff College is established to enhance the professionalism of mid-level officers of Armed Police Force, Nepal. The college is affiliated with Tribhuvan University, Nepal and imparting the conceptual, theoretical and empirical knowledge blending it with the practical aspects, so that, officers will be able to cope with the emerging non-traditional security paradigms. Apart from its designed syllabus, College is also conducting seminars, conferences and workshops as part and partial in cooperation and collaboration with Tribhuvan University, other academic institutions and related stakeholders.

This college trains its selected officers in the administrative, operational, staff and policy aspects of the organization. Besides, participating officers get an opportunity to have Masters in Security, Development and Peace Studies hand in hand with professional studies of Command and Staff Course.

The college is headed by a Deputy Inspector General of APF, Nepal assigned as the Chairperson of the Management Committee and the Commandant. The College has two main wings namely Academic Wing and the Professional Wing. Academic Wing is coordinated by Academic Program Coordinator responsible for the overall academic program of MSDPS. Eminent professors, professional experts and academicians run their program with independent deliberations. Professional Wing is headed by Chief Instructor and is composed of internal instructors (Directing Staff) who are all Command and Staff Course qualified from Nepal or abroad. This part is conducted in a syndicate and is facilitated by Directing Staff.

To give exposure to the student officers, college organizes excursion visit in neighboring countries' security organizations (similar in job nature) which is being beneficial in exchanging empirical understanding and experiences among the officers working in the field of law and order. College also organizes internal study tour to expose the student officers with working environment of the units in different work place.



    Human Resource Management is a key to institutional development. The success of any institution depends on the quality and competency of its human resources. With the vision of producing competent and able human resources and to generate future leaders, Armed Police Force, Nepal conceptualized a separate Command and Staff College.

    To implement and materialize that vision, various meetings, seminars and discussions were held with the eminent academics, security experts and retired bureaucrats for about a year from June 2014 till January 2015. Rigorous homework and background preparations finally resulted in the formulation of academic plan and syllabus of Masters in Security, Development and Peace Studies (MSDPS), and was formally finalized and endorsed by the Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.

    01 January 2015 - Eleven members subject committee and five members standing committee was formed by the Office of the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences.

    21 January 2015 - Assistant Deans of Humanities and Social Sciences visited College premises at Sanogaucharan for feasibility study.

    04 Feb 2015 - Academic Council of Tribhuvan University formally decided to set up faculty of Security, Development and Peace Studies (SDPS) and granted affiliation to start Master’s Program on SDPS.

    04 March 2015 – Formal endorsement on the proposal of Armed Police Force to set up APF Command and Staff College in Kathmandu, Nepal was made.

    30 March 2015 – Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of Nepal gave formal approval to General Procedures for conducting Entrance Examination of the APF Command and Staff Course.

    10 April 2015 - Rationale and establishment of Command and Staff College in Armed Police Force, Nepal was formally announced by the Inspector General of APF during the graduation ceremony of SN 10 Basic Inspector Training at Lamapatan, Pokhara,

     12 April 2015 –Management Committee of APF Command and Staff College was formed.

     5 Oct. 2015 – Commencement of the Semester Classes.