Logistics Aspect

The College has barrack blocks as mentioned here under:
a. Administrative Building:
   i. Academic Wing
   ii. Professional Wing
b. Officers Barrack
c. Student Officers Barrack - Block A
d. Student Officers Barrack - Block B

Conference Hall
The College has separate conference hall where conferences are being conducted on regular basis in different academic and professional genre.

Lecture Hall/Syndicate Room
The college has two different lecture hall and syndicate room separately. The classes are being conducted through multimedia and demonstration.

Internet/Intranet facility

The College has been providing free internet wireless service within the college premises. Internet facility is sufficient to get the needed documents at the time of need.

Intranet can also be used to download the documents related to organization and correspond the information to down the chain.

Medical Facility

The College has a Medical Room which remains open 24/7 with a Nursing Assistant on duty. Except in cases of emergencies, student officers are advised to visit the APF Hospital only during the working hours. Ambulance service is provided from the College to the APF Hospital for the treatment, if required. 

Transportation Facility

Student officers may bring their own vehicles to the College. The college will provide transportation to all student officers on all types of training visits, outdoor exercises and official duties.